Strimedix Shield – 2oz


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Product Description

Strimedix-SM Shield Stretch Marks Oil for treatment of stretchmarks and scars A deep penetrating oil developed to help prevent and heal stretchmarks and scarring. Replenishes hydration helping prevent tearing and discoloration while restoring skins youthful flexibility! StriMedix Shield combines the skin healing properties of Vitamin E with the regenerative benefits of Emu Oil to to help heal and significantly reduce the appearance of scarring, lacerations and and torn striae - stretch marks. Used extensively in repairative skin products, Vitamin E and Emu Oil give you a powerful and effective weapon to clear scars - keloid, acne, cosmetic surgery, corrective surgery and from pregnancy. Finally - An oil that "shields" and protects from scarring! Vitamin E, along with being a protective, powerful antioxidant, helps promote healthy tissue growth allowing new cells to replace deformed torn, or stretched connective fibers. Emu Oil, long used in high-end remedies for burns, laceration and rashes, penetrates into the dermis "carrying" active ingredients deeper than over-the-counter solutions. An anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it promotes strengthened cell membranes while encouraging revival and development of smoother, softer skin. Effective for Treating and Fading: Stretch marks Acne & Keloid scars Hypertopic scars Keritosis pilaris Burns and abrasions Post-surgery incisions Plastic and reconstructive surgery


  • Advanced Oil/Serum for treatment & prevention of stretchmarks and scars!
  • Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial Vitamin E & Emu Oil formulation penetrates for deep-healing
  • Naturally reduces marks, scars, striations and discoloration
  • Excellent for stretchmarks, acne, scars, burns, abrasions, and incisions
  • A deep penetrating oil replenishes hydration helping prevent tearing & discoloration

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